As on 31/10/2014

Sl.No Innovation and    Experimentation  Class &Subject   Learning objective       initially envisaged  Learning objectiverealised or not  Nameof Innovator with Designation 
Demonstration of Newton’s third law IX ,XI(PHYSICS)  To Visualize Newton’s third law   Realized  Mrs.Manju Devi Singh 
2 To find the Sum of N Natural numbers by activity  X (MATHS) LEARNING by doing method Realized  Mr. H.R yadav
EASY HINDI LEARNING IN  CLASS-2—to create interest in students towards  hindi language and to increase the speed in reading and writing  2 Learning through play enables children to understand   and express their thoughts and feelings. Play functions as  a language laboratory.  Learning objective realized.  Mrs Kiran Mishra
4 ANGLES-to observe the surroundings and to identify and locate angles in the various objects they come across  5A To observe, identify, compare,draw, measure Learning objective realized.  Mr. H.H Dubey
MATHEMATICS collect, differentiate and construct angles
5 FIGHT THE BITE- 5 To gather information, conduct survey, collect data ,analyze it and draw final conclusion-  make the public aware of the drastic spread of mosquitoes-  Learning objective realized.  Mr. V.B Singh
To develop social responsibility and the skills of research, analysis, creativity and communication in students EVS
6 WATER- 4B To collect details regarding the purity of drinking water, locate water bodies around the school Learning objective realized.  Mr. I. K. Verma
To develop new knowledge and critical thinking - EVS
Word triangle ,word ladder ,word pyramid Class V,ENGLISH English vocabulary – Needs improvement. Most of Learning objective realized.   Mr. T.P Singh
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