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  As of July 1, 2013 ThinkQuest has been discontinued.

No. of students(Class III and above)registered and active users in
Class Total no. of student  No. of students registered in  Number of Active Login
     III  to XII 750 804 (Duplicate Entries and Transfer cases yet to be deleted)



 Think Quest Drawing & Painting Competition ( School Level ) started on 12.7.11

 Prizes & Certificates were distributed on 25.7.11

  Result of the Competition

Name of the Participants Class & Section Position
  GROUP - A IV & V  
1 Abhishek Shukla V B First
2 Amit Sharma V B Second
3 Rudransh Mishra IV B Third
1 Sneha Dutta VI B First
2 Priya Mishra VII A Second
3 Utsav Gupta VII A Third
  GROUP – C IX & X  
1 Kasaf Siddiqui IX B First
2 Aseem Namrata Tirky IX B Second
3 Neha Singh IX A Third
  GROUP - D XI & XII  
1 Shalini Rawat XI(Sci) First
2 Ravi Shankar Pathak XII(Sci) Second
3 Gaurav Arora XII(Com)



 A project "The Giving Tree" has been started by Mr. T.P.Singh from 01.11.11 for ThinkQuest International Competition. There are six students in this project. Shimali, Jaya, Ankita, Ashutosh, Rajdeep and Vaibhav. All are from class IV A.

One more project "Mother Plant-Tulsi" has been started by Mrs. Kiran Mishra from 18.11.11 for ThinkQuest International competition. There are six students in this project Akanksha, Anshika, Rudransh, Sushant, Sumit and Sourav. All are from class IV B.